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NWP believes that the ESG agenda is of utmost importance in today’s turbulent and resource constrained society.

The private equity ownership model allows NWP to deliver a more responsible ownership approach than that of a disparate group of public equity shareholders and we always integrate consideration of ESG issues into all mainstream investment decisions.

NWP is able to promote the ESG agenda across all portfolio companies and be dynamic agents of change able to use our own internal resources and experience to support portfolio companies. This can happen not just at board level and engagement with the chief executive but also through a deeper level of engagement with operational management.

We encourage portfolio management in the more obvious areas such as cost savings, with portfolio companies tasked to achieve more with less, such as minimising energy and water use. Moreover, there is also the opportunity to improve a portfolio company’s reputation and brand and engage employees with the ESG agenda helping create an improved working environment with associated loyalty and productivity improvements.