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NWP helps management teams build better businesses

Our investment horizon is typically 3-5 years but is flexible and we are strategic in the timing of an exit, with economic and sector cycles a key consideration. Investment holds have ranged from as short as 18 months for Fox International to 9 years and counting. We are focused on generating strong multiples of money on our Funds’ investments and believe that patience can reward equity investors.

We work closely with our management teams to determine the best time for realising the full potential of the investment for the benefit of everyone: the business, the management, the employees and the shareholders. We have a wide network of advisory teams that we draw upon to support our portfolio companies to guide the company towards a successful exit. We believe that exit strategy is a key component of a business plan and expect our management teams to contribute to this from the first meeting ahead of an investment, through regular board discussions and during the exit process itself. We look for management teams that are driven to grow shareholder value and realise strong returns for their investors and therefore for themselves.

We are open to all forms of exit: full or partial sales to trade, strategic and financial investors and IPOs and have a strongly developed network across both equity and debt capital markets.